Eye care during the Covid-19 era

Eye care at Clifton Park during the pandemic

Clifton Park has now re-opened for all routine eye care. We are minimising the risk of infection by:

  1. Pre-screening patients to reduce the risk that those who attend clinic may be infected.
  2. Ensuring that staff are pre-screened before coming to work.
  3. Minimising the number of people in clinic. There will usually only be four people present at any time (the patient, the doctor, the receptionist and the technician).
  4. We aim to give longer appointments to each patient to reduce the chance that appointments will be late.
  5. We ask patients to remain in their car until their appointment time to avoid the need to sit in our waiting room.
  6. Staff will use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and patients will be provided with a face mask.

Contacting Clifton Park

Our office is now fully staffed and can be contacted by phone, email or contact form.


Bristol Eye Hospital

Eye Surgery Consulting

2 Clifton Park

Secretary 0117 906 4205

Mr Jeremy Diamond

Eye Surgeon Bristol